‘Live Customer Support’ – Upcoming Features – UK Visa : What Will Be Added…?

shutterstock_107907041UK Visa is the most significant type of document which is required for every person to visit United Kingdom. The process of getting a UK visa in the Dubai seems quite intimidating if you are applying first time solely. But new online visa process introduced by UKVisa.ae is pretty straightforward, so you don’t need to go through complex visa process.

UKVisa.ae provides complete online solution to get your UK visa. We have online visa application portal through which you can easily book UK visa and pay visa fees online. For visa applicants convenience we have provides live chat Support to contact with us for any queries. Our support team provides instant support to any query of visa applicant instantly. We also provide guidelines to applicants who wish to apply for the UK visa.

Our Following unique features everyone likes them:

  1. Multiple Types of Visas

UK Immigration offers different types of visas to visit United Kingdom which may be issued to the traveler depending on their purpose of visit to UK. We process following types of visa for travelers convenience.

Standard Visitor Visa:

  •  Family Visitor Visa:
  • Child Visitor Visa:
  • Tourist/General Visitor Visa:

Business Visa:

  • Investor Visa:
  • Entrepreneur Visa:
  1. Minimum Documentation:

Here is my checklist for UK Visa Documents:

  1. Valid travel passport
  2. One passport sized color photograph.
  3. Photocopy of passport data page
  4. Letter of Invitation
  5. Financial proof, original bank statement ( at least 6 months)
  6. Applicant travelling on an official business should attach a letter of invitation.
  7. Details of hotel/flight bookings
  1. Lowest prices and fast processing:
  • Normal Visa: With a regular method, visitors can get their Normal visa. Visitors will receive a Normal visa within 4 to 5 working days.
  • Express Visa: The visitors who want their UK Visa in a very small period can request for Express Visa processing mode which takes 2 to 3 working days for visa processing.
  • Urgent Visa: The visitors who wish their visa to UK immediately or on the same day then Urgent Visa is best option. We process UK visa within 24 hours in this mode.
  1. Easy Application Process:
  • Visit visa application center to file application for UK visa.
  • Schedule an appointment to submit your biometric information and documents.
  • Attend appointment on scheduled date and time
  • Collect your visa from application center or via Courier.
  1. Live Customer Support:

We have given easy and instant contact us support through which you can easily our visa processing experts assist you to prepare your application pack accurately. This would reduce the chances of your application being rejected due to inadequate documents and ensure smooth processing of the visa applications.

My Words:

The above features will likely end up pointing you toward a very small number of visa service providers. Now you are actually understood that why ukvisa.ae is best in visa services. If you’re trying to make a final decision to choose right visa service provider, UK visa have all the features which everyone need to look while choosing visa agent. We offer different types of visa at reasonable price; you may process visa application with minimum documentation. Also, you can get your visa to UK within a short time period by utilizing three different types of fee structures.

Do you have any further questions about the visa application? Let us know at info@ukvisa.ae our support team is always available 24*7 hours to answer them.


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