Important Things You Need to Carry While Travelling To UK


Before travelling out to any foreign country you need to make proper planning. You need to carry all essential things required for you trip.  For example, you need to carry valid passport and visa for UK because you cannot stay in United Kingdom without having original passport and valid UK Visa. When you arrive at airport Immigration officers ask you for the passport and visa. If you unable to fulfill requirements of officers then they do not allow you to enter in UK. So before depart to United Kingdom you need to carry all essential documents along with you.


  • Visa For UK
  •  Valid Passport
  • Sufficient Funds
  • Accommodation for the stay
  • Flight Ticket

Here we are discussing about UK Visa so read further to know about UK visa requirements and visa application process.

UK Visitor Visa:

If the purpose of travel to the UK is visiting family or friends, a sightseeing tour package, short internship, training or a business visit, a UK Standard Visitor Visa allows you to stay in the UK for a period of up to 6 months. However, those applying for a business visa are allowed to attend meetings, conferences, training as long as they do not plan to work, get paid, produce goods or provide services in the United Kingdom. The visa category may be consistent but depending on various factors the laws that govern it and the documents that are required in support of your application differs.

Below you will find a detailed outline of the mandatory documents and procedures you need to follow before you visit UK.

Required Documents and Procedures:

  • Valid National passport or travel Document.
  • Recent color passport size photograph.
  • Copy of the bio-metric information.
  • Proof of finance e.g. Bank statement or pay slip etc.
  • Accommodation and travel details.

Every applicant is different and hence one applicant’s individual circumstances differ from the next. Depending up on visa type applying additional documents may be required.

Visa Application Procedure:

Step 1: Prepare Your Visa Application:

Determine type of visa you needed and collect requisite document accordingly and visit visa application Centre to file UK visa application. Fill out the visa application form and submit required documents and sign the form.

Step 2: Schedule an Appointment:

As a part of the application process, all applicants are required to arrange an appointment to submit their visa application and Bio-metric information.

Step 3: Arrive At Application enter To Attend Appointment:

Bring appointment confirmation letter and passport along with visa application when coming to attend an appointment. Visit the application Centre on scheduled date and time.

Step 4: Bio-Metric Data Collection Process:

Give bio-metrics information such as photograph and a digital scan of your fingerprints. Bio-metric information is a simple process which usually takes 10 minutes.

After Submission:

After completing visa application process application will be sent for processing the next working day to the Consulate.  A Consulate verifies your application and documents and approve/refuse you application. Past travel history, social and economic conditions, money related steadiness, strong ties to return toward the end of the visit, any past visa denials etc. Play a vital role in deciding the result of the visa application. If your visa approved then you can get your passport and UK visa by courier or from the visa application Centre.

Final Words:

Our consultation related to the UK Visas include advise on required documents by considering your whole case history, case readiness and presentation, finishing UK visa application form and case submission. From visitor visa, family visit visa to Business visa our UK visa service serve the requirements of everyone.

For any queries or questions, please feel free to contact us at our experts will help you!

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