Ten Stunning Travel Destinations In United Kingdom For Travelers In A Budget

Wallpaper-Uk-19When visiting a new destination, travelers often spend too much time figuring out which are the popular one attraction, and not enough time actually experiencing them. United Kingdom has hundreds of hidden treasures. There are some best tourist attractions that can’t be missed.

We’ve lots of ideas for shoddy weekend breaks to take the pressure off your pocket. With such rich landscapes you won’t need to spend much at all, just grab your uk visa, book flight ticket,  pull on your boots and fly to explore the hidden gems of United  Kingdom.

1.   Stonehenge

shutterstock_150645677Stonehenge is a wide circle of standing stones and earthworks in the midst of a green field in Wiltshire which is Around 3,500 years of old. Stonehenge is still one of the world’s incredible puzzles and it is Britain’s most important ancient monument.

2.   The London Eye

4-london_eyeThe very popular vacation destination is the London Eye, a Europe’s biggest observation wheel situated in the Jubilee Gardens. Its individual glass containers offer the most breathtaking view of the city as you set out on a round visit rising 443 ft. over the Thames

3.   The British Museum

shutterstock_256913863The British Museum is one of London’s greatest tourist attractions which showcase the world’s finest collections of antiquities. British Museum contains more than 13 million artifacts from the old world

4.   Cambridge

cambridge_universi_1722980bCambridge is famous for its university which is currently one of the best education hub in the world. The University of Cambridge is a collegiate public research university which includes 31 constituent colleges.

5.   Lake District

shutterstock_113469367The Lake District is beautiful and most charming corner of England. The landscape is simply fascinating shadowy ridges gilded with golden light, glowing meadows ablaze with wild flowers, and sparkling blue lakes that reflect the whole glorious scene.

6.   Cornwall

cornwall_Cornwall’s rich heritage has an international reputation. Everywhere you turn, there is always 5000 years of history surrounding you. Cornwall is world famous for cliff top open air theatre, Spectacular location, stunning views, a great place to visit.

7.   Edinburgh

shutterstock_101194555 (1).jpgEdinburgh is a compact city, easily explored on foot. The city with its seven hills is of course characterized by Edinburgh Castle which is Scotland’s most popular tourist attraction.

8.   London

maxresdefaultLondon, England’s capital, set on the River Thames. One of the world’s most visited cities and world famous for its sights, culture and nightlife. London is city full of unforgettable landmarks and exciting things to do.

9.   The Cotswold

costwoldThe Cotswold refers to a range of gentle hills in south central England, the main range reaching 330 meters in altitude at its highest point. The region is known for the stone-built villages, historical towns, and stately homes and gardens.

10.  Windsor Castle

Windsor-Castle-London-UpperSituated around a hour west of London, Windsor Castle is regularly called the biggest and most established occupied castle in the World. It is one of the official residences  of Queen Elizabeth who spends many weekends of the year at the castle, utilizing it for both state and private enlivening.

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