UK Tourist Visa – How To Get

shutterstock_220774591Visa is the most significant document which is required for every traveller to visit the any nation throughout the world. The visa application process has dependably been severely seen as a horrendous and separating process, for the most part since justification for endorsement are not particular.

Here are some good things to know if you are looking to apply for your uk visa for the first time. UK Visa offers professional visa consultancy services for tourist looking to apply for a Visa to UK. we can help you have a worry-free and cost-effective application. We process tourist visas to the UK on a daily basis. We also process UK Business Visa such as Investor Visa and Entrepreneur Visa for those who looking to set up or run a business in the UK. We can assist you to ensure you fulfill the UK Tourist visa requirements using our knowledge & expertise Advice. Below you will find interesting facts & information about applying for UK visas in Dubai.

UK Visa Eligibility Criteria:

If you decided to visit UK (which includes Great Britain, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) then you need to go through the uk visa application process. You can apply for UK Tourist Visa to the UK only if you’re:

  • 18 or over
  • Travelling to the UK for tourism
  • able to support yourself during your stay
  • able to meet the cost of the onward journey
  • you should not spend more than 6 months in the UK

If you meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above then only you can apply for tourist visa. There are different types of standard visitor visa; UK Tourist Visa is just one of them.

Once you are eligible to apply for UK Visa the next step will be to check entry requirements which include analyzing what kind of visa you require and which documents you need to submit.

Mandatory Documents Required:

  • Valid National passport or travel Document.
  • Recent color passport size photograph.
  • Copy of the biometric.
  • Proof of finance e.g. Bank statement, pay-slip, etc.
  • Accommodation and travel details.

Depending on purpose of travel additional uk visa documents required for travel.

Visa Processing Mode:

For fast and efficient processing of UK tourist visa application we have three different types of application processing mode.

  • Normal Visa
  • Express Visa
  • Urgent Visa

Normally we process visa application in 4 to 5 working days at affordable price. For urgent travellers we recommend Express and Urgent Visa which will be processed in 2 to 3 days or o the same day respectively.

Application Process:

To apply for UK visa, Visit our visa application center which will give you an application form to fill up and make sure you put all the things right. Also after this you need to schedule appointment to give the finger prints and also your photograph, which is the part of the application.

Follow these steps to get UK Tourist Visa:-

  1. Visit Visa application center.
  2. Fill-up UK Visa application Form.
  3. Schedule an appointment
  4. Submit Bio-metric Information.
  5. Track Application and Collect your Visa.

Final Verdicts:

Our goal as professional visa consultants is to make your visa application as fast and convenient as possible. Visiting the UK should be a wonderful experience, but applying for a visa can be challenging. We are here to do the job for you. We make the process simpler that you may focus on preparing for your visit. We will help you prepare the requirements and give you advice and support when the need arises.

For more information contact us for further details about visiting the UK for a tourism or for business or you can mail us on


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